Monday, July 18, 2011

Life is anything but unfair, cruel, and gruesome. Without us realizing it (including me, ESPECIALLY me) we have the tendency to blame life for whatever that has been happening to us. "Life sucks, life's unfair, I had rather died than to live through this whatever that has been making me feel miserable" Life is not being cruel, it is just carrying out its responsibility and making its own part in giving you the best that you could have out of it. Because no matter how bad the situation that you're in now, you ought to know that somehow someday you will get through it. You will.

"If Allah brings you to it, He will definitely get you through it."

"Allahumma arif binafsi."

Verily, Allah SWT knows everything, even the littlest secrets about yourself that you yourself have not ever known of. That's why Allah SWT has mapped our life in such a beautiful way that could benefit us in the end.

Tapi kau masih lagi tak bersyukur kan Qurratu? T__T