Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bring on the thunder

It's 11.30 pm now, and it has been drizzling for a while now. I was accompanying Skina to pick up her clothes from the ampaian, and although I only stood at the door I could feel the coldness and I was shivering weh. And the rain got me reminiscing about Malaysia, entahlahhhhh maybe because I'm too homesick la kottt even raining pun kan make me switch on my memory-lane mode la ennn. BTW today is okay I guess, I had classes from 8 am until 3.30 pm without any break, hah, DIG THAT. Except for a quick lunch break that we curi-curi guna before our Inorganic Chemistry practical class, and speaking of which our inorganic chemistry prac class supposedly ends at 5 pm. YES, DIG THAT AGAIN. haha. But because all of us do not have the apparatus required for titration like burette, retort stand, yadda yadda, the lecturer decided to dismiss the class early. =) sayang cikgu haha.

And I finally dapat lepaskan kempunan to eat cheeseburger harini! And cheeseburger put me in a lalok mode after that during Chemistry class haha Yana was doing ass-funny jokes just now ever since during our muhadarat haha and she even wrote a review about the movie The Ruins? Yeah and I'm going to keep the paper Yana, you really cracked me up tadi.

You know, I realized, one good thing about having a flu is that you can only eat without having any appetite. Which then cause you to not eat, I mean because obviously you're going to eat lesser when you can't really breathe while you're eating you know because the passage that you depend on to breathe is being occupied by presence of food GAH I'm crapping.

And I must sound like apa entah because I kept complaining about this flu thing for like IDK in 2 or 3 posts already? Haha bye Assalamualaikum.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Literally, I am not

BREATHING. Yes, as pathetic as I sound, (which is sengau) my nose is totally hundred percent-lly fully blocked. YES, heaven since I could barely breathe through my nose, instead I did it through my mouth and you will say hey, at least you are breathing right? But you know the difference between breathing through your mouth and breathing through your nose? THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE PEOPLE. OKAY, HUGE SANGAT. And you could feel that there is something between along the passage between your nose and your mouth (imagine it yourself I couldn't explain it using medical terms yadda yadda) Yeslah, sangat heaven (!)

In case you couldn't notice my sarcasm, I should admit that I am a bit not comfortable with this flu thing. Yeslah, I think I am making a big deal out of this. I mean kamon you'll say KAMON LA WEH SELESEMA JE PUN SAYA SELESEMA CIKGU SAYA BATUK BATUK CIKGU SAYA NAK MAKAN APPETON CIKGU but you know I haven't experienced this flu thing for quite a long time even before I flew here, so yeah, there you go with that annoying whining that I did.

But you see, the thing about flu is, it kinda stops you from enjoying the true flavor, the beautiful and the wonderful taste of the food that you're going to consume, emm IDK, let's see, like the CHOCOLATE THAT KAK AIMI BOUGHT FOR US FROM PARIS???? )*&*%^%$$#@%^^& Plus I am a chocolate lover, and I am eating chocolate without any nafsu now. (Imagine me typing this sambil menghentak2 keyboard sebab frust tak dapat enjoy makan choc tu)

Speaking of which, Paris, wow, that is somewhere that I couldn't imagine to be going to. But since I am in a place that is quite near with those countries...Hehehe ;) And I have been thinking maybe I could spend my winter break or summer break next year (If I am that kental not to balik Malaysia la kan!) by going to those places. YESYESYES I AM EXCITED HAHA TETIBA but anyhoo, I really do hope la kan that I can go to these places sepanjang I am studying here, insya-Allah (!)

Okay back to the main point why am I updating again, well, here are some tips that I have Yahoo-ed about how to get rid of cold or flu.

Make some ginger tea. Many supermarkets sell ginger tea. But you may want to prepare the material through self ginger; all you have to do is just grate fresh ginger into some boiling water. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper, dash of lemon, and honey (or sugar) to taste. Ginger and chili seasoning will keep your sinuses clear, and will help keep the virus did not return. Continue to drink hot ginger tea every few hours.

Eat snacks, but healthy.(YAY BOLEH MAKAN DORITOS) People suggested the chicken soup to overcome the cold because the body responds very well to the hot liquid. In fact, it's better to eat snacks that are easily digested. Your body must work harder to process heavy meals with lots of starch and sugar. With a light meal, your body can focus perfectly.(okay tak boleh makan doritos =()

Vitamin C and Zinc. There are a lot of controversy about vitamin C. This is because many people think that vitamin C "cure" a cold. It is, however, prevent the symptoms before they become so severe. But you must begin taking at least 1000mg of Vitamin C at the first sign of the virus. Take 1000mg every 4-6 hours, to help boost your immune system.

Hot water bath. Hot air circulation will do some good things for you. First, the hot water itself will make you sweat, which also will release toxins from the body. In addition, the heat will help to release endorphins of your body, which will prevent and cure any illness coming. Hot water bath will also help you with the next step.

Sleep. Yes, it is true that sleep is one of the best treatment you can do when you feel cold arrived to attack. While you sleep, your immune system will work hard to fight the cold. This may be the best, most natural of the "drug" has ever given to you.

I think I like option 5 the best. Because that is something that I'm going to do now. Crashing the bed early again, goodnight everyone! Assalamualaikum.

p/s : Pardon the whining and such, TQ hikhik gunalah tiger balm untuk melegakan selesema anda (!)

Friday, February 26, 2010

It's the time.

YESS, I have finally set my blog to be un-private (!) I think I deserved a pat on my back for being so brave to come to this decision (HAHA perasan) because this little baby of mine is like my own small world and my own comfort zone to spill rant ramble, whatever , especially since I'm in Egypt and yes lah, why did I make this decision? Emm IDK, I think I find this way as something that shows yang I am trying to move on? Okay tak faham? =.='

Yesterday my housemates and I and Ain as well have a small gathering or what they call as Ta'lim. (Do correct me if I'm wrong) And honestly speaking, it opened my eyes wider yesterday about the beauty and the truth in being a lady. Ya Allah, only God knows what have been and keep running in my head throughout the Ta'lim. Mixed up feelings kot.

Okay so about that moving on stuff yadda yadda thingy (!) Yeslah, I think it's enough for me to just say that I am making this private-unprivate as an escapade for myself. I know I'm making this more difficult to be understood but yes yes yes, I don't want to be stuck in the same old mess that have been created before. (LAGI TAK FAHAM KAN)

So enough about that, my housemates and I finally managed to finish up both KCB 1 & 2. A lil bit disappointed though, was expecting it to be more wow? Yeah expectations are too high, and at the same time I realized that how difficult it is to find the right man for ourselves. Takutlah tiba tiba how is it going to be like when the time for us to find our own jodoh comes haha random

OKAYLAH, my running nose which have stopped running but have decided to stay blocking my nose and have decided to give me a headache is giving me a headache. (HAHA) Plus I think I should stop writing now because I started to sound like apa entah in this post macam sangat unorganized and messy haha okay I'll stop here for today GOODBYE PEOPLE ASSALAMUALAIKUM.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When flu strikes for the second time

Everything, I mean almost everything goes haywire, especially my body system. I think it's a big mistake for me to sleep for only 2 hours last night which got me sooooo sleepy during Physics lecture, but well yeah I don't think I can blame it fully on myself regarding that sleepy thingy because the lecturer himself is speaking in arabic, yes,
thankyouverymuch, I'm just getting used to the fact that the chances of getting separate classes from the Arabians for our muhadarat are really low. So when the lecturer started speaking in Arabic, I was trying so hard to concentrate to listen for any familiar English terms that maybe I could search nanti. And yeah it did work actually I mean it would help a lot more if I understand Ammiah more besides the one that I always use with ammu or yadda yadda.

So back to the main point, after struggling to keep up with the lecturer, I got tired, well more like my brain got tired and my eyes getting droopy but I forced myself to stay awake by reading The Madness of A Seduced Woman the book that I bought at Ma'rad Kutub. And yeah it kinda help a bit but well you know a sleepy girl may be an angry girl. *Tetiba.

So I rarely sleep in the evening. And people always say that sleeping after Asar for forty days could lead to insanity. And honestly speaking tadi aku bangun for Maghrib prayer pun serious shit tak selesa langsung feels like something went amiss. And waking up to find you're having your flu AGAIN and welcoming the new member of the family, sore throat. HEY SORE THROAT, HELLO. Nau says that those are the symptoms that I could be having a fever soon. Oh la la! Spare me from that!

=.=' By the way I have been excited to unprivate my blog but I think the excitement has died down a bit. What's up with the endless fluctuations of spirits and excitement la weh? Houh houh.

Okaylah, I think I'm crashing the bed lahhh (Yes, again). Cannot tahan anymore. Opai and Loki pun macam siput jeeeeeekkkkk tak reply reply comment okaylah byeebye people.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's 10.40 in the morning, and I have not taken my bath despite the sweats due to the jogging session this morning, and I haven't touched my Microbiology slides and notes eversince yesterday. YES BRAVO screw new revolutions to be one hella budak baik tak nak online selagi tak revise gah. Baru second day of the second semester oh la la Qurratu porqueeeee por favorrrr.

And well hello right now I'm not in the mood to listen to those mind blowing rocking sampai kepala naik pening types of songs which is a big WOW because I have made myself clear that I couldn't consume those meleleh songs like McFly's. WOW. I miss Muse. I miss listening to them. I miss having the feeling of wanting to be in the crowd watching Muse perform live awww nak sangat tengok Muse in live act ? :( Tolonglah please make an effort by coming to Malaysia this year from July onwards until September because those are the only time I will be in Malaysia. Pwettyyy please if you do grant my wish I will be loving you forever HAHA.

And oh yeah, I thought winter's coming to an end but it seems that I am wrong. Well maybe half wrong because yesterday my housemates and I have a quick brief camwhoring session with the flowers that have started to bloom at our Kuliah Ulum. It was such an amazing view though and I feel like kidnapping all of them and bring it back to Malaysia. So when those flowers started to bloom that means winter is going to end, right? I mean how can they show up in the middle of the winter? Kan? But it's still cold, and I have already packed my winter coat and simpan it senyap-senyap at the corner of my room, waiting to be sent to the dobi.

See what I meant? Cantik kan?

And Internet is being a pain in my ass since I have tried to download MSN for about emm IDK, 3 TO 4 TIMES and none of them worked. But hey I have managed to upload pictures from my Sinai trip and that is a wonder you know. Gahh my what, third week without broadband and I have managed to survive so far. CONGRATS QURRATU. Even Pito suggested on using my broadband back but no thanks I'll pass that I have rather have my patience being tested with those waiting-for-internet-lembab rather than forking out 150LE every month BANYAK CANTIK MUKA KAU BANYAK BETUL DUIT AKU NAK BAYAR.

And yes yesterday I finally have a brief chat with my twin Nurul Syafika Roslan. I am worried about her due to her problems that she experienced now but she assured me that everything is fine and all and tiba tiba she said she's worried about me. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? okay haha betullah kau cakap kan you have a lot of people taking care of you and it got me thinking that I don't yeah well nak my own "T" jadi my so called knight-in-shining armor tapi memang harapanlah kan jadi impian je lah dahlah I'm tired of being the one terhegeh-hegeh kat orang lain.

Okay WOW ini dah masuk sesi luahan hati dah. Peeka if you wanna know about it just buzz me, whatever, and I am waiting for your email. and OMG OMG OMG aku lupa add Mas jadi invited reader aku. Okay aku buat sekarang.


Okay off to join Azura and Skina to watch Dance Flick. And off to tahan my sakit perut. Black pepper + nescafe = cirit. Heaven.

Tetiba rasa berdebar sebab assignment Physics tak siap lagi haha.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter break is coming to an end, say hello to Semester 2 and new revolutions. =)