Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spillt milk

There are million other things that I have regretted doing in the past, but somehow over the years I have managed to ensure myself that I could get high doses of experiences and life lessons and values from whatever mistakes that I have done. Like they say, mistakes are the best teachers and I know those mistakes will toughen me up a bit in the future, somehow.

Lately I have been having this uncertainty, wait no uncertainty is not really the appropriate phrase to be used here, how should I put this, emm, I have been feeling restless and worried about something. Felt like something went amiss. And I have come across the thought , the realization that I haven't been on good terms with everyone around me. Yeah sure I have my best buds and cliques and all with me, but what I realize is that I still have a few of those friends that I have not talked to like ages. Drifted apart, I mean.

And partly, well not partly I guess, I guess it's solely because of my ignorance. Ignorance is a pure bliss, but when I have been ignoring for numerous of times, well, it's leading to something worse...kan? Things will not go the way I wanted the whole time, and the last conversation I had with a particular friend of mine really slaps me to the reality. A pang of guilt was felt, and oh how low did I feel after having that conversation.

I have not been a good friend at all, all these while. and yeah, from what I have learnt from my Human Rights classes, one of our rights is to be free from torture and degrade treatment. Yep, as off as it sounds, I have been doing that to my friend all these while since high school ended. Crap, why am I getting into details? My lack of writing has to be blamed for all this jumbling ideas and all. gukh.

Entahlah, I felt really guilty, seriously. Rasa macam how cruel have I been to that friend of mine. Then I have come to a realization, I have issues with ignorance. I'm so good at it, and I have done it so many times, that I have managed to push people away from me. Because I have done that again for the second time, and sadly I have lost that important person too. :(

Spillt milk. Yep. I have been spilling / pouring those milk for the past few years, and I have lost 2 of the most important people in my life. I won't lie to say that I miss them, each of them has played important parts in my life. Each of them has created colorful memories, banyak gile punye memories la, be it bitter, be it sweet, be it bitter and sweet = bittersweet symphony okay boleh pergi search lagu tu kat youtube. okay tak.

I guess this is the right time to say, "Learn from the mistakes, take note of all the important lessons that you could have learnt, and look forward, and keep my chin up." Let the past be a sorta like a guideline for me from not doing the same thing to everyone that is surrounding me now.

And they say, life is a learning process, and we will forever be revolving, changing, towards better us. And I'll try. I'll try.

How ironic, I keep telling people to keep their chin up and be positive, but boy, only God knows how optimism has not been in Qurratu's dictionary for quite a long time. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pernah tak rasa disappointed dengan diri sendiri? Disappointed dengan the person you have turned out to be?

Pernah tak rasa serabut?

Pernah tak rasa takut?

Pernah tak rasa hopeless?