Monday, November 30, 2009

Salam everyone. I am safe back in Mansoura, and currently I am trying my best to not shiver on this bed and I can't help but keep comparing the weather here and in Alex. Yes, I have spent 2 days and 2 nights in Alex, and I have to say that the trip to Alex is one hella fun and great experience. And I can spot a vast difference between Mansoura and Alex. For eg, the city in Alex is obviously prettier, DUH. There are like McDs at every street the buildings there sorta remind me of France, Italy and obviously things that do not exist in Mansoura are shopping malls and the beach! <333. And we did get to ride on the trem (Dunno how to spell it though), which reminds me of San Francisco, and I get to have my first ride on tremko, which is actually a taxi van. Haha haven't been on one in Mansoura because it looks just damn scary, because it is so damn packed and eewy but in Alex, I actually loved it? hahaha. But all in all, after going back from Alex, my heart still prefers here, Mansoura. Sometimes, simplicity is the best :)

Btw, before heading to Alex last Saturday, the GMN-ians had a gathering at Dewan Istad Gamaah and IT WAS AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I can really feel the Raya atmosphere back then with everyone's wearing our traditional costumes including the boys! I think all of us were more excited for the camwhoring time and yess I practically take pictures with almost everyone! Gehehehe. Gehehehhee. Gehehehehe.

Ohhh btw part 2, FINAAAALLLYYY I get to meet Wan Amirul and Muhsin and it was a big pleasure to meet them! Muhsin would be a really great tour guide and I would recommend all of you to hire him as one if you're planning a visit to Alex! Hahaha. He practically memorized every facts about Alex I think! And our Alexandri-ans friends have shown a great hospitality here. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SYRRUL MUHSIN AMIRUL(ROSYAM) SYAHMI WEEN INARAH AQILA SYEROK HAJAR ABE BELLE SEMUALAAA THANK

miahahahah cubaan pertama sebelum melagho dan mentekedarah.

miahahaha cubaan kedua sebelum melagho dan mentekedarah.

miahahaha cubaan ketiga sebelum melagho dan mentekedarah dah ni dah macam beauty pageant dah.




bersama kembar Bangi huauhuahua comell comelll

muka aku sangat annoying walhal dia............

inilah keluarga saya sekarang.

inilah keluarga saya sekarang part2.

Syahmi cakap: "Aku nak tangkap gambar dengan the Gonjs!" WAHAHAHA rindu kau syahmi

Teman baik <3


Apa kejadah jalan malam-malam pakai baju kurung tapi comel kan kan kan :D

In a nutshell, ececeh bajet essay SPM, these past few dats were full with experiences, I should say. And I am looking forward for the next trip with them. <3333

P/S: I must have a really nice sleep last night since I sound awkwardly happy.


P/S: YOU make me go lalala la wehhhhhhhhhhh with your baju melayuuuuuuuuuuu.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I spend my Eid Adha walking at the empty street of Shari' Gala', eating Bahgat & Samir and having a few brief conversations with the rest of the gang.

How pathetic is that.

And I shall say that these past few days I have been utterly moody and now we're talking about mood swing baaaabeee. MOOD SWING. Like for a sec, I could be all happy and stuff, and the next sec, I could be feeling all low. Bodoh tak bodoh.

Yesterday, for the rest of the morning I am having one of those down days again. And miraculously my mom called me. Macam ada insticnt ibu kann yang dapat sense anak perempuan dia tengah sewel ninoninonino terus dia call. And automatically tears were pouring down macam air terjun shiiuuu shiiiuuuu shiiiuuuu haihhh like non-stop. And talking to my mother, it seemed so different now. My mom sounded more calm and at the end of our conversation, she mentioned, "Dah dah, jangan nangis lagi." ='( Fak aku nak jumpa mak aku.

And yesterdaaaayyyyy, finaaalllllyyyy I get to meet Syahmingal, Amirul Mukminin, and and and and jeng jeng jeng Fathi hahaha. I have only heard his name for the past few weeks and finaaaallllyyy dapat jumpa hahaha. And sumpah dia macam junior Esan. Except muka dia Melayu sikit and dia kecik sikit while Esan muka Jepun habis and besar sikit. Harharhar kembar kembar rasa nak suruh je dorang tangkap gambar berdua harharhar.

And oh. There is something that I did yesterday that I am utterly regretted to do. I AM DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF. LIKE SUMPAH.

And I do not like the way he is when he's with his clanks. Macam. Entahlah. I thought I have seen a different side of him but then mcm when he's with the clank macam HAHAHAHAHAA MENTANG MENTANG BLOG DAH PRIVATE KAN SESUKA HATI JE NAK CAKAP APA PASAL DIA KAT SINI KAN KAN KAN.

But at least he smiled and waved at me yesterday. I take it as a way of acknowledgment? huhu.

OHHH and my friends and I get to meet up with Apek yesterday, and he was super cool and adorable and funny!! :D :D :D :D

And clearly, I am running out of words right now. One word to describe my day - Roller coaster of emotions.



Thursday, November 26, 2009

Macam sial bila friendship di-jeorpadized kan.
Is it wrong if I say that I do not have the mood at all to celebrate Eid Adha? And I really mean NO MOOD AT ALL?

And I just wanna be with my siblings for the time being. Argh. My parents' absence create this swelling rindu-syndrome inside myself and oh shit he's online right now. Okey dah bye.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A few more tests to go, and I AM STILL A PHYSIC-PHOBIC. Like hello dahlah ada test Physics next week shit ah weh sumpah takut.

Nak jumpa ibu dengan ayah for a while boleh tak? ='(

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hari ni sangat cool sebab dapat jumpa the second Gerard Butler in Mansoura. The first one is my Physical Chemistry teacher, and the second Butler just now he taught us Physics. Haha tapi the first Gerard Butler tu tang suara je dah nak sama, tapi the second Gerard Butler tu muka dah nak sama sikit hahahaha apa ni qu you sounded like a fan of Butler padahal tak punn langsung tak hahahaha.


okey dah bye abaikan.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I think I have been selfish for the past few days and I am totally regretting it.

All I want to do now is be there for my friends.

Oh btw, thank you SO MUCH for calling my friend a biatch? Considering the fact that you do not even know her, considering the fact that you do not even know how is she like, TQ TQ TQ TQ because that just give us an impression about you and I bet that it's not a good one and congratulations because you have just portrayed yourself as someone who judged someone who you barely know and as someone who easily call others by rude names.WOAH WOAH HOW CIVILIZED OF YOU, RIGHT?

Munn, pleaseee do not be offended or whatsoever, ehhh? Kau tau kan all we want is the best for yah. And we may sound harsh, but it's for your own good. ='(


Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's 6.30 in the morning and I haven't slept yet since I woke up from my evening nap yesterday. Well maybe I think that my evening nap gantikan my tidur malam tadi, so that's why rasa segar bugar bak sayur sawi yang baru dikutip di kebun eh tapi kan aku tak suka sayur doe camana ni better pilih tempe doe aku dahlah teringin nak makan sambal tempe and Firdaus cakap budak kuliah Adab ada jual tempe okey dah shaddap ah Qurratu.

Okey tipu semata-mata la kalau aku cakap aku segar bugar. Gila tipu. Dusta belaka siak. Padahal aku tengah tahan diri sendiri daripada terus tersungkur syahid atas katil ni dek melihat si Nau and Azura ni dah nyenyak tidur ni. Haihh.

Dan hidung aku sejuk doe, macam frozen gitu. Geheheheh. Okay rakan-rakan, mari berangan kita bercakap-cakap sambil mulut tu keluarkan asap-asap. Cool gila doe, nanti kita boleh buat bentuk dengan asap tu, macam haritu kitorang suruh Apai buat asap bentuk O, cantik seh, sumpah cool. Lepas ni aku nak tanam azam nak bercakap time winter nanti sambil keluarkan asap berbentuk O. Lepas berjaya buat asap bentuk O, kita buat pulak asap bentuk Q. Eeeei serious aku excited doe. Okay, harus masukkan azam ni dalam list "Things-to-Do-la-Gonj-Gonj" besides azam untuk membunuh at least, AT LEAST SATU LALAT SEMENTARA AKU ADA DI TANAH MESIR INI. Usah tanya kenapa nak bunuh lalat kalau kau tak nak dengar aku berceloteh lagi satu page. T__T

Sebenarnya, to be honest la kan, aku pun tak tahu kenapa aku publish post ni. Aku tak tahu why am I even typing this right now. Nak cakap bosan, HAH KAU PAGI NI ADA TEST MATHS TAPI AKU MASIH LAGI MELAGHO UPDATE BLOG, DENGAN ADA EXPERIMENT ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LAGI HARI NI HAIH, nak cakap boring, HAH KAU eh eh ni dah ulang ayat tadi ni bukan ke boring dan bosan itu mempunyai satu definisi yang sama.

Okay seriously, I need something to cover or to help me to fake this freaking-shitty feelings. Haihh. Thought it is going away, but then it comes back and slaps you on the face again and again and again. Shit doe. Macam before this, bila kau ada masalah yang kau macam agak berat to face kan, you will go like, "Ok, ok, this is hard. Waaay hard. But it's okay. It's going to get better." And then when you thought that it is going to fade away, the problem, I mean, tiba-tiba PAAP! Kau terus jadi macam, "OK NI SUNGGUH TIDAK OKAY SANGAAAATTTT TIDAK OKAY!"


My Hotsetaps are helping me a lot with their advices regarding this problem of mine. And now only I know that it is waaaayyy easier to give advices to people rather than we ourselves to follow it. Macam shit jugak sebab I have told Mun soo many times that just get over him! Get over him! And now when Mun and Timah told me the same thing, honestly a tiny part of me refused to do so. Reluctant to do so. Haihh.

But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate their advices wehhh TAK TAK. Mun, Timah, Peeka, I think you guys understand,kan?


Sumpah aku buntu.

Ohhh. Kebuntuan menyebabkan ketidaktahuan untuk menghapdet belog. Will continue this thingy later. Tata.

p/s: do pray for my friends and I yeah!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I have managed to finish up 7 episodes of Gossip Girl in one night, and yet I have not finished reading Chemistry for my coming test. Terbaiiiikkkkk. T____T

And for Munirah, ='( ='( You know I would kill to be there for you kan? Takpelah text message pun jadi kaaaann. Be strong wehhh. You will get through that painful-recovery process without you realizing it. Just be strong aite? There will be a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow. (YESSSSSSSS I FINALLY GOT THAT FREAKING IDIOM RIGHT).

And now I think I wanted to put Angkat Kaki by Sheeda as my profile song.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Being positive is good, I think. Like it has managed to open up your eyes and you have managed to see everything from the bright side. Hmm yess, I think yesterday is something different, no, it's not because of Egypt lost to Algeria (%^%&%^%^& okey dah) but IDK, it's like I'm in a good mood. Woah I do sound like a moody gorilla hah? *To Azura, Nau, Skina, and Shikin, say haha now. T________________T

And I have decided to not put a limit to my horizon of friends, just because I used to have that eewy-butterfly-in-my-stomachs feeling. That ain't cool, though.

And I hope this blog is starting to smile, a bit of that won't hurt.

Ohh btw, ALHAMDULILLAH, for my brother's upsr result. =') =') =') =') But still it's kinda sad for not being there with him, with my parents not in Malaysia as well, haihh. Hoping to be able to talk to him through Skype or phone, we'll see. :)

Will be updating soon. :)
I wish I could be as positive as my mom could be. Both of them, my parents are currently in Mecca, performing their Hajj. =') I am so glad that both of them could make it safely there. Hopefully they will be able to complete the 5th rukun Islam until the end of this December. =')

A few more tests to go. Maths, Chemistry haihhh. Can I say that I am inorganic-and-physical-chemistry-phobic? Seems like I'll have to go through that mata-macam-koala-but-this-mata-koala-happens-for-good-reason phase agaiinnnn.

And I have been thinking how stupid I am to go emotionally disturbed on something like that. That which is something still uncertain and ambiguous. Ohh sheesh now I am feeling funny for feeling all sorry for myself for the past few days. Heesh.

But still, God, can you please give me some strength? ='(

Friday, November 13, 2009


I have clicked on that "new post" button like half an hour ago and still there's nothing on this white blank box thingy.


Still nothing being typed on.


Now I can join Munirah's "hey-mata-saya-macam-koala-dan-panda-sekarang-yang-membuatkan-saya-comel-yang-sedih-tetapi-masih-lagi-comel-heesh-syiton-betul" club. Don't know why all out of sudden just now everything that had been kept for quite a while went pouring non stop just now. And when I say non stop, I MEAN REALLY, REALLY NON STOP.

:( :( :( :(

Bless for the existence of Taylor Swift's songs? Haihh sumpah menyentap gila.


Can I just sleep and forget it all?

Okeyy tetiba rasa sebak nak nangis lagi. Sumpah aku benci gila bila jadi emo macam ni. Gila gedik. Okey dah bye before I go rambling on and on.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Heyyy ohhh.

To MUNIRAH : Alhamdulillah :) Remember everything that I have told ya, okkk?

To IKYN & IZZY & HANEYH : If you guys have anything's messing with your mind, my ears are all for my babeyhs!!


To TIMAH : Kau jahat sebab tak nak jenjalan kat mesir masa kau cuti ni. :( :( :( :(

To whoever that will be reading this : I'm hungry.

Went Skype-ing with my family just now, exception for my dad, and my two younger brothers. Too bad that they haven't bought webcam for our computer back home :( but it's okay, at least I get to talk to them. Oh btw, these past few days have been quite stressful, with PHYSICS AND THE KATAK OHH SHEESH PAYAH SIOT NAK TENGOK VENOUS SYSTEM PEBENDA ALAH TU OHH SHEESSSSHHHHH AND CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME ABOUT ROBSON'S MAGNET AGAGAGAGAGAGGAGAAGGAGAGAGA Okey dah bye nak makan garlic bread azura buat sedap tau wehhh OKEY DAH BYE.

P/S: pardon me for my sengetness in this post.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Signed, sealed, delivered, part 2.

Mun, I know it is hard. I know how much you are hurt right now and I know how much you are devastated by the recent incidents. I know how painful it is for you, and I know sekarang ni kau dah sangat sangat sangat sangaaaattt berharappppp kat dia. I'm not the best person to turn to for advices when it comes to things like this, hmph, among the four of us aku yang paling tak pernah ada experience kott. But from my point of view, do not get your hopes up too high. Sebab nanti takut kau merana when the things that you have been hoping for fail to live up to your expectations.

Baaabbeee, aku takkan blame on anyone of you. Based on what you have told me, I think he's facing the same problem, just like you. So the decision that he makes, or made, is equally as hard for him to make as well. So nak tak nak, no matter how painful it is, when he said and pleaded for you to give him some time, just do so. Give both of you some time and space from each other. And at the same time, I know how hard you have tried to save your relationship. And aku tau kau mesti tengah takut gila babeng sekarang, takut something that you have been yearning for is slipping away from you. Lagi-lagi bila he mentioned all those things yang aku rasa macam menyakitkan jiwa je, lagilaaaaaaaaaaaa macam ohmaigooddd how are you gonna be able to get through this.

**Baaabeee, macam aku cakap dalam Skype, if anything happens, just remember, there will always be a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow. Eh salah. There will be rainbow after a rainy day. EH SALAH LAGI IDIOM NI PERGH DAH QURRATU PERGI SOROK MUKA KAT BANTAL SEKARANG. Okey menyimpang. Just remember that every obstacles that you're facing, there must be something good coming from this. I know this sentence is so cliche but it is true, you are being taught all the way while you're struggling to get through this. :)

Believe me weh, masalah ni pasti akan selesai. And bila masalah tu dah selesai, mesti kau rasa sangat-sangat lega kaaaan. Be strong okay? Aku tau yang sekarang ni lah the painful part, where you're waiting for the final result that may affect whatever you have with him. BUT BE STRONG OKAY? PLEASE? FOR THE HOTSETAPS? AND OF COURSE FOR YOURSELF JUGAK?

P/S lagik: I'm done with that whole Taylor Swift thing, Mun. I'm done. I do not even want to think about any of it.

P/S lagiiiiiiiiiiiik: the part where aku letak star tu is for Timah and the others jugakkk okay.


Will be posting more. Salam.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Signed, sealed, delivered to you.

I will not fret, and I will not blame anything or anyone. But thank you, a big thank you, for making me realize what kind of person I could be once I am caught in such situation. Thank you for making me feel like a total fool, thank you for making the presence of the butterflies in my stomach exists, thank you for making me feel go right round, thank you for making me go yaaaaaaaayyyyy everytime there's a mentioning of you, thank you for pretending, thank you for MAKING ME REALIZE WHAT KIND OF PERSON I COULD BE. Thank you for that.

Embryology, Physiology and Cytology's tests are on 14/11. Kena hand in protein assignment next week gak. Tapi itu pun gua tak sentuh lagi. Ni memang nak kena hentak dengan botol air zabado.